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Particle physics

About Particle physics

Radiation oncology and nuclear medicine
Radiation oncology, a specialization within oncology, involves ionizing radiation and topics such as radiation therapy and dosimetry. At Demcon multiphysics, we have the capability to perform simulations with which we can calculate depth-dose profiles for a wide range of radiation type, including protons, ions and gamma rays. Depending on the radiation source, we can calculate relevant quantities such as the absorbed and effective dose. The application of this knowledge is not limited to medical applications, but can also be applied to e.g. aviation dosimetry.

Nuclear engineering
As a specialization within engineering, nuclear engineering deals with the design of systems such as nuclear reactors, and particle accelerators. Designing such systems involves knowledge of nuclear safety, radioactive waste disposal, radiation damage of (structural) materials and shielding. At intense doses, the internal heat dissipation can become problematic, and active cooling is required to prevent the structural materials from melting.

At Demcon multiphysics, we have the capability to perform simulations, with which we assist in designing critical components. We can calculate activation of materials, volumetric heat loads, fluences and displacements per atom. We have the knowledge to assist in designing irradiation shielding, or assist in design of cooling systems. We typically use Monte Carlo-based (such as FLUKA) or FEM software (COMSOL Multiphysics) to calculate all relevant particle interactions.

Are you curious about how our expertise in acoustics and vibrations can help you further?

blankAbout Demcon multiphysics

Demcon multiphysics is an engineering agency with high-end expertise in the area of heat transfer, fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, acoustics and electromagnetism. We support clients from a wide variety of market sectors such as the process industry, semiconductor industry, oil & gas, maritime sector, heat exchanger applications and medical applications. With deep physical insights we aim to help you achieve your goals in research, development and engineering programs.

We combine fundamental physical knowledge from an analytical approach with Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulations tools from ANSYS, MATHWORKS, and COMSOL to setup, execute, analyze and evaluate numerical simulations.
The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEM / FEA), Lumped Element Modelling (LEM) and Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) enables us to make a virtual prototype of your design. With these techniques we can simulate the fluid and gas flows, energy exchange, heat and mass transfer, stresses, strains and vibrations in structures and the interaction of electromagnetic fields with other physical aspects like heat generation. This way of simulation-driven development increases the developments efficiency and reduces the product development time. Our services can therefore fully support you in the designing phase, from idea up to prototype.

Why choose Demcon multiphysics:

  • Founded in 1997; over two decades of experience in a vast range of industries enables us to quickly grasp your challenge and provide clear, hands-on and innovative solutions.
  • We maintain a highly skilled and motivated team of engineers that consist of MSc and PhD, combining an academic and pragmatic approach.
  • We understand that being fast, flexible and responsive makes the difference.
  • Access to the full experience and expertise of the Demcon group allows us to tackle the most difficult high-end challenges from a system approach.

The Demcon group is mid-sized (>60M€ p.a.) high-end technology supplier of products and systems with high-tech, industrial systems & vision, optomechatronic, robotics and medical systems as focus areas. One-stop-shop development partner with system/ mechanical/ software/ electrical/ production engineers and physicists under one roof.

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