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Experimental validation services

Demcon multiphysics, being a part of the Demcon group and together with additional partners in the region, has access to extensive facilities for testing. These tests are often used to verify the outcome of simulations or to determine missing (material) properties. We also develop custom test equipment for external research partners. Over the years, Demcon multiphysics has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in setting up and executing test programs for example:

  • Pressure drop of porous mediums, we have hands-on experience with the theoretical and experimental side of modelling porous media in combination with piping systems.
  • Wind tunnel testing, we cooperate with wind tunnel facilities in the Netherlands for the verification of aerodynamic properties of an object.
  • Climate chambers, we have access to a number of climate chambers and rooms. These rooms and chambers are mainly used to perform temperature (cycle) tests on thermal sensitive products and equipment.
  • Thermal shock chamber, we also have access to a temperature shock chamber. Using this chamber, it can be investigated whether a product can withstand a prescribed thermal shock.
  • Acoustics measurements with 64-channel digital microphone system from SORAMA. This system is specifically designed to trace back noise to very specific components and reveals real-time color-coded noise sources. It allows us to target mitigations efforts more precisely.
  • Custom heat transfer and flow-testing facilities. We design and develop custom test setup for specific model validation. Over the years, we have delivered multiple test rigs and test results for verification of model physics or design choices.

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