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DEMCON Multiphysics – ISO9001:2015 certification

Demcon Multiphysics has been ISO9001:2015 certified since this month. This certificate is the quality management system which helps companies to ensure continuous improvement, meeting customer needs and assisting in professional quality management.

Demcon Multiphysics started this journey in mid 2021 by performing a “gap analysis” between the current way of working and the requirements set by ISO9001. Later in 2021, the results of this gap analysis were evaluated, and our ways of working were, if required, adjusted.

Ruben Verschoof, business developer at Demcon Multiphysics: “We are happy and proud that we have obtained the ISO 9001 certificate. Throughout the years our team expanded rapidly, having 30 employees at this moment. With this rapid growth, we identified the need to update the ways of working. We used this trajectory as a way to achieve it. It really was a team effort!”

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