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Modeling turbulence in CFD analyses

Turbulent flows are omnipresent in nature and technology. Pipe flows, flows around buildings, around aircraft, marine vessels and other vehicles are virtually always turbulent. A flow is only laminar in  more specific cases, when a…

Modeling wall roughness in fluid flows with CFD

In some industrial applications, wall roughness can easily be avoided. Situations exist in which roughness gradually evolves, for instance bio-fouling in marine vessels or corrosion. Sometimes the manufacturing process is limiting in avoiding wall roughness,…

I have a fluid dynamics question, what to do?

Flows of gasses or liquids can be studied in 3 different ways: analytically, experimentally or numerically. An analytical approach is only possible for the easiest problems, such as a laminar flow in a straight pipe.…

Experiments and simulations in fluid dynamics: complementary?

Analyze flows Fluid dynamics are studied in 3 different ways: analytically, numerically and experimentally. Analytical calculations are useful or “order of magnitude” estimations. We gain insight in the relevant system parameters by doing so, we…

Demcon multiphysics listed as COMSOL Certified Consultant

The expertise of Demcon multiphysics in the field of electromagnetism and multiphysics is now formally acknowledged by COMSOL. Demcon multiphysics was recently being awarded with the title “COMSOL Certified Consultant”. Demcon multiphysics becomes part of just a hand full…

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