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Custom silencer for flywheel module

Problem: HITEC Power Protection is a world-leading supplier of dynamics (kinetic energy) based UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems. These UPS systems are supplied into a variety of markets such as datacenters, finance and semicon. Key components in the system are a flywheel...

Fluido – Design of a heater for blood and fluid using CFD simulation

Goal: The Surgical Company has introduced the Fluido ®. With this medical device, blood and fluids can be heated in a controlled way. It is used in hospitals during operations when patients require a blood transfusion. The Fluido ® can be a life saver when the blood is added at body temperature instead of room temperature, or even lower, especially when the patient requires a large quantity of blood.

Bending tool for high precision alignment

Goal: CIREX develops complex steel components for the automotive industry and other industrial applications. These components are cast using the ‘investment casting process’ (lost-wax precision casting). One of CIREX products is an injector clamp with two jaws which must be precisely aligned.
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