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Acoustic survey for industrial plants

Noise is unwanted sound and can cause hearing damage for workers or nuisance for the environment. Therefore, Dutch legislation limits noise at nearby dwellings and limits noise at work. When a plant is established or expanded, a noise survey is necessary to find out if the company can fulfill these noise limits. This is a required part of the environmental permit request. We can address noise problems by noise measurements and calculations. By a proper understanding of the fundamentals of noise control, combined with experience, we can consult in practical situations.

Figure: Noise contours show the environmental noise levels

Demcon Multiphysics has experience with industrial noise surveys. This consists of establishing the relevant operation conditions of machinery and installations and other activities, such as transportation, loading and unloading. We possess a lot of industrial noise data. If no noise data is available, the noise of specific installations must be measured. This can be done with sound pressure or sound intensity measurements. A calculation models can predict the noise at nearby dwellings or other positions. It can prove necessary to use noise control measures, such as silencers, enclosures and screens. It might also prove useful to select more silent equipment. A report will be made which shows that the new situation can be within the legal requirements. It also defines noise limits for the different installations. The report is mandatory when filing for an environmental permit. We have a lot of experience in energy production, process installation, metal production and a wide variety of other factories. Clients are, among others, Linde Gas, Tata Steel and Westland Infra.

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